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Our Fleet

In the Babcock Group, we have the second largest civil fleet in the whole of Europe, with more than 500 aircraft and 1,300 pilots with over 120,000 flying hours.

Supported by our 6,000 male and female employees, we conducted more than 85,000 missions last year.

At Babcock España in particular, we have more than 120 bases and a fleet of 161 aircraft operated by more than 300 experienced pilots.

HeliEST by Babcock, with the support of the Babcock Group, is offering customers its new first-rate aircraft on its Ceuta – Malaga route: the AW 139 manufactured by Leonardo, a twin-engine, multi-role helicopter designed to the latest certification standards in terms of safety, operational versatility and high operating power and performance:

  • It is notable for its cruising speed and the spaciousness of the cabin, far in excess of other helicopters in its class.
  • It is notable for its cruising speed and the spaciousness of the cabin, far in excess of other helicopters in its class.
  • It has multiple systems with collision avoidance such as the fuselage, the landing gear and the seating, to provide the greatest possible protection for its passengers
  • The AW139 is equipped with a “glass cockpit” and a 4-axis digital autopilot with auto-hover. Thanks to its innovative flight management system, the pilot’s workload is reduced, thereby improving effectiveness and safety of operation.


  • The AW139 is fitted with two Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turboshaft engines controlled by the FADEC system. The FADEC system seamlessly adjusts the engines for pilot convenience and passenger comfort, and can automatically handle a single-engine failure without noticeable deviation.
  • It is also equipped with a Health and Usage Monitoring System or HUMS. The HUMS is a system that monitors the health of the helicopter and enables early detection of possible faults, suggesting maintenance actions to correct them, which leads to improvements in the operability of the service, as a fault that could render the helicopter inoperable can be detected early and addressed.
  • It has a main 5-blade rotor and a 4-blade tail rotor of sufficient height to ensure safe conditions on the ground.

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